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Bumboo's vision - “to see a world where forests are abundant and protected”


The team behind the brand, Bumboo, learnt about the scale of destruction of forests around the world for the sake of meeting global toilet and kitchen tissue demand and could not ignore this. They made it their mission to take action, to fight against the impact this demand has on the planet, and felt inspired to explore the alternatives.  


The ethos behind the brand is to get the world to stop cutting down trees by shifting household habits to tree-free products. Bumboo are working towards sustainable living. They have highlighted that toilet and kitchen tissue are household commodities taken for granted, but their production has such catastrophic impact on the environment. Bumboo have felt implored to create a sustainable alternative to tree based toilet and kitchen tissue that supports and encourages living in greater harmony with the environment.


Bumboo “provide a tree-free alternative”


Their eco-friendly toilet paper rolls are made from 100% bamboo, one of the world’s fastest growing plants, offering an eco-friendly, rapidly renewable alternative to trees. Bumboo packaging is thoughtfully designed and 100% plastic-free.


Bumboo believe that “sustainability, luxury and beauty can go hand in hand, and when a product is mindfully created with love, attention to detail and positive intentions for the environment, we naturally value it more and respect the precious resources with which it was made”

Currently, Bumboo offer a range of bamboo alternatives to toilet roll, kitchen paper and facial tissues. These can be purchased individually and via their mixed bamboo box sets. 


Bumboo were looking for individuals to help spread the word about their mixed boxes, communicating the importance and reasons to make the switch. Nicola received a mixed box and shared the wonderful products with her Instagram audience. Nicola loved the story and drive behind the brand - it is something that sits so closely with her own beliefs and values. Helping customers to make the switch from paper-based products to eco-friendly Bumboo products is something she is 100% behind, and she felt honoured to share about their mission, specifically via their mixed boxes. 


Nicola created a series of photography and Instagram Reels to engage her audience visually, encouraging them to read more about the brand story and subsequently, make the switch to an eco-friendly alternative.

“We are very excited to have you on board and I am really looking forward to seeing Bumboo products shown in your style”. - C.G: Head of Marketing

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