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A Wabi Sabi lifestyle has always been present for the Birmingham-based Photographer, Nicola.


Nicola is a creative force; specialising in photography, styling and visual storytelling. Imaginative, inspiring and visionary. Whilst being an innovative-minded doer. Reflective, organised and resourceful.  




Nicola began her career working in the NHS, and works currently as a Senior Occupational Therapist. Nicola’s role aims to support people with health concerns that prevent them from carrying out activities. The role is to identify difficulties individuals encounter and develop practical solutions.


Nicola and her partner created and founded a successful wall art business, alongside their full-time NHS careers. They can be proud to say that their artwork and styled photography has been featured in lifestyle magazines such as British Vogue and GQ Magazine.    


Our Japandi Home are passionate about everything that’s visual, and with their sound experience in the logistics of building a strong brand, in terms of marketing strategies, high-quality photography (whether it is a charming, styled interior shot or a beautifully curated brand story) and the importance of building contacts via social media, they want to visually tell the story of other creatives / brands, through aesthetic direction. Our Japandi Home have extensive experience with Affinity and Photoshop, CANVA, Preview App, Lightroom and adhering to time constraints and goals from a brand perspective. 


Nicola decided that the perfect direction was to combine her NHS career, with her expertise in branding and passion for photography, styling and storytelling. By enabling brands to tell their story, this means Our Japandi Home can use their passion, and dedication of helping others work in harmony with their love of photography, styling and storytelling to achieve their brand goals.     


Having been a small business themselves, Our Japandi Home want to advocate for other small businesses because they understand the trials and tribulations of promoting a brand in such a fast-growing online industry. They have a key awareness of limitations that small businesses encounter in marketing their products, whether that’s due to expensive start up marketing campaigns or a lack of community and contacts via social media. The couple themselves encountered these barriers but took such pride and reward in promoting other small businesses alongside their own, and to be able to use their own experiences to help other brands is paramount to their own personal goals.        

Our Japandi Home has already collaborated with a wide variety of clients, including international brands and talented creatives. The couple are dedicated to bringing their unique Minimal, Wabi Sabi Japandi style to each project, combining passion and goals and unlike many collaborators, they continue to create content on a continuing basis.




"As a full-time Occupational Therapist, I recognise the importance of listening to my clients and showing patience and practical solutions. I exhibit empathy, always offer a smile, and even try to inject well-placed, tactful humour in my interactions with my clients. There is no greater self-reward I can receive from helping others". 

"I am creative and work well in a setting that allows self-expression. I am very driven and a perfectionist at heart when it comes to my work. I love nothing more than focusing on the tiny details, as well as the bigger picture and the sense of satisfaction it gives me when I know I have got the perfect photograph".   

MY USP is my background & direction


"By using my skills as an Occupational Therapist means I can listen to how companies want their brand story told, and I can adapt to work with anyone by showing patience and empathy. I want to help"!

"This tied together with previously building my own brand, my eye for detail, flexibility and creative passion for styling, photography and storytelling means I can share your story to achieve your brand goals". 

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