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The foundation that Linen Bundle based their business is on is 'Sleeping Better'.


The brand ethically source and deliver sustainable production. Linen Bundle provide premium quality, responsibly sourced bedlinen that actually aims to improve sleep and their products are fairly priced.


Linen bundle offer a wide selection of bedding in Classic Percale and Luxury Sateen. ​


All of Linen Bundles bedding come in a variety of colours, whether you are looking for a more neutral tone or an injection of colour. 

Linen Bundle also offers a Down-Alternative Duvet and Pillow range. These are sustainably made, anti-allergy and super breathable.

All adding to their brand purpose "to improve sleep’ for their customers - and there is evidence in their reviews, with "over 500,000 Happy Sleepers" - "The softest and puffiest duvets & pillows I’ve ever owned. It’s like sleeping in the clouds"

Nicola was approached by Linen Bundle via her Instagram account. The brand said, "I thought I would reach out to see if you would be interested in trying some of our seriously soft bedding and creating some content for our brand".


Nicola worked with Linen Bundle on a gifted content creation campaign to showcase their Sateen or Percale range.


Nicola received a duvet cover and one pair of pillowcases in a colour of her choice in exchange for a collection of static images and video content with specific styling requirements outlined by the brand.     


Nicola had a vision to showcase their Sateen range in grey stripe. That way she could really show off the rich, lustrous finish with high resolution images, shot in styled and natural lighting. 

"You have such a stunning home and an eye for capturing beautiful setups".  - N.M: Web Content & Asset Executive

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