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Mojlife is a manufacturer of interior and decorative lighting. The brand provide energy-efficient lighting products and services that enable you to enjoy superior lighting quality, making people's lives more comfortable.


"Stylish Design. Reliable Quality".​

Mojlife offer an assortment of modern and on trend lights, including; pendant, chandelier, wall, ceiling and table and floor lamps. 

“Thank you so much for the wonderful contents you have created for us. My team and I really enjoyed it. I hope we will have the opportunity to continue working together in the future. For me, you are not only a collaborator, but more like a friend".  - W:MOJLIFE


Mojlife contacted Nicola via her social media platform, and told Nicola that from observing her Instagram posts, as a brand “they know that she chooses her products carefully and then decorates her home uniquely”

Mojlife brand's concept is green and sustainable, as well as young and energetic, and they felt that Nicola's Instagram feed showed them youth and enthusiasm.

Nicola was gifted any lighting product of her choice in exchange for content creation, styled photography and sharing with her audience via her social media platform. 

Nicola chose the Khmara Pendant Lamp in 60 cm - by selecting the larger size, with the product's exquisite, unique, Japandi design, she was able to really use their product as a show-stopping feature in the bedroom to create eye-catching photography. 

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