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 Oakywood create unique wooden accessories and furniture which make organising the office a pleasure. Their products are ergonomic and redefine workplace comfort. 


Their brand philosophy is built on three core values; quality, durability, and environmental care, which is why all Oakywood products are manufactured using natural materials from responsible and sustainable sources.


All Oakywood products are handcrafted in their own workshop by certified craftsmen. They control all stages of production: from design, through prototyping, to manufacturing the end product. This means they are able to focus on the details and make sure they provide solutions to best suit expectations.

“Quality, durability, and sustainability” are the key values at Oakywood, which is why they only use the finest, natural, and sustainably sourced materials.


“Oakywood. Your workspace. Reinvented”


The brand offer an assortment of products including; desks, desk organisation, charging docks, wireless charging, sleeves and cases and stands. 

Nicola was excited to be involved in the International Women’s Day Campaign - you can visit their blog here, titled ‘A productive woman’s desk’.

She is also part of their #OakyGirls which you can visit here to see some of Nicola's beautiful styled Oakywood photography.

"We believe you'll do a great job showcasing our products and styling it in your own, fantastic way".  - M.D.P: SOCIAL MEDIA SPECIALIST



Nicola was initially contacted by Oakywood shortly after the pandemic. The brand shared their background story and expressed their care for the environment. They plant trees, invest in biodegradable packaging and look for all the possible ways to cut down their carbon footprint. 


Nicola was invited to be a part of their rebranding campaign. Although their core values would remain the same, they were aiming to focus even more now on the design and ergonomics of their products. They had listened to their customers' needs and wanted to cater to them as much as possible. 


Oakywood wanted Nicola to join, as the brand believed she would do a great job showcasing and styling their products. As part of the campaign Nicola was able to select a range of products, including their; felt desk mat, laptop stand, laptop dock and slim charging pad


The brand recognised that Nicola's profile topic is interior design, so in exchange they asked her to prepare a series of styled photography, communicating their values and showing their products in the context of modern and functional design.


Oakywood contacted Nicola the second time to give her the opportunity to come on board via a collaboration for International Women’s Day. Their focus was to feature some of their favourite female collaborators. Oakywood are such a genuine group of lovely people that just happen to make absolutely outstanding products, of course she accepted their invitation. 


“I think the way you juggle work life with design & lifestyle profile is truly admirable”!


Oakywood wanted to present stories of women close to them in their interests and goals and in return gifted a product from their new MagSafe range, a Magnetic Charging Apple Watch Stand

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