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Photowall are a "Swedish wall-art company passionate about creating inspiring living spaces with personality".

Photowall produce high-quality wall art that reflects your personality because they believe that the most interesting homes are the ones that “express people’s personalities”.


Photowall offer a range of wallpapers with such a wide variety of styles, including; contemporary art, art deco, minimalism, three-dimensional art and so many more. They also provide prints and posters and offer the service to upload your own image or design to make your own personalised wallpaper, poster or canvas. ​

"Inspiration to beautify your home".

"Our audience absolutely loved it when we posted. It looks amazing" - N.V: Senior Marketing Manager

Photowall approached Nicola as they had viewed her social media account and were “inspired by her appealing photos and amazing content”. She said Photowall “really admire her work and think that she is the perfect fit for their brand”

Nicola was then invited to complete a collaboration. In exchange for Nicolas styled photography, Photowall would provide her with one any wallpaper or mural (Up to 15-20 m² of material)​.


Nicola thought meticulously about which product would really highlight the brand story - to create an “inspiring living space with personality”. She was immediately drawn to their Japandi style wallpapers and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to showcase their beautiful Marble Breeze in Ivory in her guest bedroom. ​

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