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In a world where everything feels disposable and replaceable, Coultura was born to represent a time gone by. Taking us back to when things were made by hand, with skill and belief, passed down through generations.

Coultura came alive in 2021, when the founders realised something in life was missing and their desire for change became apparent. With an embedded vision to create timeless, long lasting product, the idea for Coultura was formed. 

The name Coultura represents our founding values:

'Cultura' is the latin word for culture. Key to the brand are the places they source from, the cultures they represent and the people.

'Couture' taken from the french language and in present terms reflecting style and quality. They strive to create products which offer the very best in design, using the highest quality materials.

Finally their infinity symbol embedded into the heart of their logo, represents their desire to create products which are timeless. In a world filled with waste and yesterday's forgotten purchases, they strive to create products you will want to keep for a lifetime.


Coultura kindly gifted Nicola the Mali Mango Wood Dried Flower Bar in a charming small size, meticulously artisan-made from natural mango wood. This flower bar embodies a clean, chunky design, effortlessly bringing the beauty of nature into the home. The Mali flower bar stands as a free-standing masterpiece, perfectly complementing a variety of shelf decor arrangements and infusing your space with the serene allure of the natural world.


Nicola used the Mali Mango Dried Flower Bar in her en-suite, and what a statement piece it is!


The dried flower bar is curated with a selection of neutral dried flowers, including Natural Dried Wheat, Dried Barley, Ivory Gypsophila, White Mini Daisies, and Musky Cream Billy Buttons. These natural elements add a timeless and tranquil aesthetic to any decor.

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