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Once Upon are an independent brand with a vision “to celebrate life and the world a little bit happier”.​

As a brand, they believe that life should be celebrated - “The big things and the small. Everyday life as well as parties. The good and the not so good".

Once Upon also believe in sharing and reliving memories together, and that sharing stories strengthens relationships - Between siblings and parents, within families, between people. And of course also between colleagues.​

Once Upon have created the opportunity to create your own elegant photo book from your phone, tablet or desktop. They have made it effortless to create, simply by allowing you to add photos from your phone on the go, jotting down some captions and then the whole book can be previewed! 

Their photobooks have a simple, modern and elegant design - meaning that it can fit into any space and never grow old. 

“Your content is lovely! The video is just adorable, and I'm really liking these images”. “Thank you for a great collaboration”! - S.O: Influencer Marketeer

Once Upon approached Nicola to propose a brand collaboration where she would create her own photo book showcasing something special. The idea behind the collaboration was for Nicola to let her followers know that Once Upon photo books are an easy and fun way to celebrate both the small and big things in your life, or a special someone. 


In exchange for Nicolas styled photography, Once Upon provided her with a hardback photo book. 


Nicola created the photo book “Our Japandi”. The photo book allowed Nicola to showcase all of her favourite corners of her home through her creative photography, add in some inspiration and use it as a decor prop due to its beautiful, minimal design. 


Nicola used the collaboration to show how you can have a beautiful ‘display book’, on a table or shelf, but with real significance inside it. Unlike the classic coffee table books that look good on the outside but lack any substance on the inside.​​

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