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Cerani Studio specialise in Japanese Tableware. The wnderful brand offer Japanese Ceramics from Cerani Studio in London, UK. Handcrafted crockery & cutlery, tableware inspired by Japanese culture & history.

What is so unique about Cerani Studio is behind every piece of handmade Japanese crockery and cutlery lies a story. Cerani Studio ceramics capture the essence of Japan through traditional techniques passed down through generations.


The brand are inspired to keep this art form alive and thriving, supporting independent Japanese potters, such as Yoshida, Kasumi Fujimura, Kaneko KohyoShush Grace, HanaemiShigaraki, & Konare, sharing their designs with the world.

"At Cerani Studio, we believe that tableware becomes an essential component of tradition, treasured moments and lasting memories for you and your loved ones".


Ceranii-Studio offer the most beautiful range of products that produce elegance, sophistication and true beauty. 

The brand kindly gifted Nicola a range of their products to create content, and share their stylish, graceful products with her audience. 

Nicola selected the; Shigaraki Beige SpoonKasumi Fujimura 4-Petals Small BowlHanaemi Flat Plate and the Kasumi Fujimura Canelé Cup

Each are functional products but are wonderful display pieces, really giving off an authentic and sophisticated aesthetic. The products excurbate a warm feel to any tablescape, and are truly unique in style. 

"Wow your shots are amazing! Thanks for decorating with our collection". - Cerani-Studio

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