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Nicola is the stylist, content creator and photographer behind Our Japandi Home. Nicola has always had a passion for photography from an early age and enjoys creating aesthetic direction to deliver high-quality results. She loves to capture images in a way that creates beauty and tells a story, with meaning and feeling.  

Nicola wants to help your brand create your visual identity. She works closely alongside brands to create creative content, details and Japandi simplicity.


Nicola has collaborated with some large-scale brands, has an extensive portfolio of brand content, and high engagement via her Instagram platform, which is a great way to build connections and reach out to audiences.  Nicola is also an Affiliate for a number of brands who she continues to work with.

If you are a brand that is an interior and design enthusiasts with a minimal aesthetics, please get in touch so we can discuss working together. 

Content Creation

Nicola offers a Product Styling and Photography package, including lifestyle shoots. This comprises of concept development, styling and photography resulting in high-quality images the brand can use. She also shares the content via Instagram to drive traffic to the brand. This can include grid posts, carousels, reels and stories. 

Nicola has a base price for her work, but is happy for brands to reach out to share what they would like and discuss pricing options. 


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