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Enjoy the Wood say “From Sketch to Wall Art — Let us take your breath away”


Their mission from 2014 has been to make it a better world by bringing joy, natural beauty, and inspiration into people’s homes. 


They create beautiful, elegant wooden maps, made from the highest quality birch plywood - and their products inspire people to travel, learn and explore. Their World Wooden Maps are not just something nice that you put up on your wall - it’s about the journey that each individual takes - important and unique - no matter how big or small.


Enjoy the Wood really do put their heart and soul into their work. 


You can incorporate one of their world maps into the room as a family-friendly décor choice, a travel inspiration or an earth-friendly décor.

"One of the most wonderful and touching collaborations to be a part of". 


Enjoy the Wood reached out to Nicola to help support their business by creating some styled content to share on her social media platforms. The wonderful individuals behind the brand expressed how they are reaching out because their company has suffered a lot, because of the Russian invasion but explained how they were not giving up, and that have already re-started the manufacturing of their maps and want to deliver new maps to the world. 


Nicola commended the brand and was compelled to showcase their product, because she was so in awe of their determination and deeply touched by their story - in addition to the selection of a beautiful product they offered to gift.  


Nicola selected the ‘3D Wooden World Map - Terra


Nicola thought carefully about the brand, their determination, motivation and their can-do joyful attitude - she knew the perfect place to put The 3D Wooden World Map - Terra would be in the home office. By adding their beautiful piece, it not only added style and ambiance but also such a personal touch to her interior. Each time she uses the home office, the map quite literally pops from the wall and emits positivity, a visual aesthetic of her own personal travels and gives drive and motivation to work harder, to travel more, but also to share the determination of the creators behind Enjoy the Wood. 


The company have created beautiful gift-ready packaging options - Every product is delivered in an aesthetic gift box that is handmade and contains; map pieces, ocean names, wooden planes, boats and a compass, and removable double sided mounting tape, stencils and instructions for easy installation. They also provide flag pins so you can physically pin your memories to the map. 

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