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HOTO brings sleek modern design to run-of-the-mill gadgets without sacrificing functionality. 


“From home tools to the coolest tech gadgets”


HOTO have really propelled with their aesthetic appeal because the brand sparks inspiration with its focus on a minimalist tool. The brand have not only provided traditional home tools, but also strived to create modern tools for a new lifestyle. 

“HOTO have accumulated 33 international design awards including the iF Design Award (Germany), Red Dot Design Award, and Good Design Award (Japan)”.


HOTO offer a variety of home tools, including; precision screwdrivers, tool sets, drills, outdoor tools, scales and measures and crafting tools. All emit that real aesthetic appeal, drawing you to their products. 

"HOTO was honourably awarded No.2 in Tools Design by iF Design Award".  - HOTO


HOTO contacted Nicola via her social media platform to showcase a product of her choice from their ‘screwdrivers and drills’ range with her followers, as a way to promote their product to a home decor audience. 

Nicola showcased HOTOS Brushless Drill by directing the emphasis on the aesthetics of the tool itself. As part of HOTOS brand, they strive to propel aesthetic appeal to spark inspiration with its focus on a minimalist tool. Nicola created a series of photographs and reels to support the brand's vision. 

More recently, Nicola has used the HOTO Brushless Drill in many DIY projects - so their project really does do what it sets out to - remove complexity and introduce intuition to seemingly mundane tasks.

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