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Vaunt Design specialise in Scandinavian inspired furniture, lighting, textiles and mirrors. 

Nordic Minimalism Defined

Vaunt Designs timeless collections are lovingly curated by themselves and Europe's leading designers;
forever paying homage to the Nordic aesthetic.

Husband and wife Steve and Abi founded Vaunt Design in 2016. Being minimalists themselves the due wanted to create a design-led brand that truly encapsulated the Nordic aesthetic. The main goal was to curate a modest collection of well-made, original products where the designs spoke for themselves. The couple had one simple rule – no filler. There would be nothing found on the site that they wouldn’t be proud to place in their own homes - with each piece earning its rightful place in terms of design and quality.

What is so amazing about Vaunt Design is each item on their website is so incredibly unique. This means that any item of theirs that is fortunate enough to be in your home will be a show stopper. The attention to detail is incredible, even products that have a function such as a bedside light, when not being used looks like an art piece. Such unique items like:
- Lighting
- Shelving
- Tableware

And so much more!

This brand is wonderful and we cannot recommend their products more highly. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to work together, with the added bonus that Steve and Abi are lovely people!


Steve contacted Nicola on behalf of Vaunt Designs to offer the opportunity to collaborate with his and his wife's business. 

Nicola was offered to select any product of her choice from their site, which was incredibly difficult as there is such beautiful assortment. 

Steve was helpful, efficient and professional, which was an added bonus to be working with such lovely people.

Nicola chose the Olavi Marble Coffee Table. As soon as it arrived we could see The Olavi black marble coffee table makes a spectacular centrepiece. 

Whats great about this table is by styling is you can match the Olavi table in black, or pair it with the white marble or a natural wood version for a softer feel.


The simple, understated design and roundness of form make this a versatile piece, no matter where you choose to position it.

Vaunt Design currently have a 20% Off January Sale using Use Code WARMUP20


If you use our code OJH25 you will get a further 5% off any item

That's 25% off your order!

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