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Sazy began around the notion of falling back in love with the space you live in and learning to appreciate a slower paced lifestyle.


Sazy want their customers to focus on the little things – "from a cosy dinner party in the home with friends to waking up and reaching for that special mug that changes the mood of the whole day".  

Sazy have a wide variety of well-designed products for the home which are fairly priced. Each year, the brand present four collections, that change and adapt slowly over time to embrace emerging trends, and suit different styles, homes and tastes. 

Their aim, is to help customers curate their own home with their edits and guidance, to enhance customers own style.


Sazy champion natural materials to take the hard work out of making choices that have less of an impact on the environment. The brand look to artisans and experts in their own field to create handcrafted, quality products that stand out from the crowd and will last a long time.


"Sparking joy in the home".

"I’m so excited to see what you’ve made, I’m sure it’s gorgeous" - D.J: PR & Influencer Account Executive

"Thank you once again for the lovely images.  We really love your photography and style and think it would bring a new aesthetic" - V.O: Social Media Expert



Nicola purchased Sazy’s Corfe Ceramic Vase in black for her home. She was drawn to this serene vases’ natural asymmetry, which reflected a sculptural aesthetic and created such beauty with its irregularity. Nicola shared her styled photography and Sazy contacted her with a collaboration proposition as they loved her photography and felt her style would bring a new aesthetic.  


Nicola discussed the brands goals and selected gifted products to achieve Sazy’s brief. Ultimately, the brand wanted to showcase a tablescape aesthetic and potential bedroom products. Nicola selected their beautiful Garde set of Bowls and Plates in white which are a fantastic set to create a minimal table setting, as their design gives a modern update on classic white crockery with their simple, soft design.  

She also selected the Florence Armchair in Cream, as this is a versatile piece that can be used in the home office, bedroom and dining space. The versatility of the chair meant that Nicola could really capture the piece to showcase it in a variety of settings. This was effortless as the chair could be centre stage in a dining room, to a chic corner chair in a bedroom or reading nook. With a nod to timeless Scandi style, the Florence chair is as a minimalist's haven. 

In addition to this, Nicola was gifted the Orchid Wall Mirror. Nicola thought the softly curved abstract wall mirror would be a great way to soften a space, and really open up her hallway, with a less-than-conventional mirror.  


Nicola created Instagram reels, grid posts and stories with a focus on Japandi aesthetic, incorporating Sazy’s wonderful products.  


Due to the success of Nicola's first collaboration, she was invited to particpate in a second as part of Sazy's Black Friday Event.

Nicola was gifted:

- Stac Papier Mâché Table Lamp, Black - Stac Papier Mâché table lamp's smooth curves speak for themselves, they create a soothing environment. This lamp, was handcrafted and  celebrates the beauty and harmony of asymmetry.

Achi Side Table, Natural - This sculptural side table marries natural elegance with a striking curved arched pattern and is an accent piece. An elegant display for art, books, or lighting, its carved inlay adds visual interest.

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