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Flexispots aim is to reinvent the desk job. As a brand, they recognise 'work' has evolved, and so have the community. They moved towards the direction that it's time the furniture evolved too.

With advanced design and technology, the brand make furniture that's as seamless, sturdy, and eco-conscious as it is homey and comfortable. Their products are made from 100% recyclable materials. ​


Their desk variety is fantastic because it tackles the variation customers use their work space for, with the individual height adjustment, this means the desks can be used in a seated or standing position. They have integrated an under-desk cable duct to hide messy wires from the workspace, which adds to the visual attraction of the desk and gives it a sense of organisation.


Flexispot desks are also customisable - you can select the desk frame and worktop colour to really personalise the desk to the workspace.  

“Good caption and nice photos”. - S: Influencer Specialist


Nicola has completed two brand collaborations with Flexispot. ​


The first, she was approached by the brand to showcase their ED2B height adjustable desk. Nicola was able to customise the ED2B and selected a black desk frame with a white worktop. Her aim was to show style workspace minimalism via modern decor and organisation. 


The success of the first collaboration led to a second collaboration with Flexispot - Nicola was approached again to showcase their March Campaign and share her positive experiences in the Instagram community. 


Nicola received the Pro Series E7 and adopted a different approach to showcase how Flexispot desks can be used in different aesthetics. Nicola paired a black frame with a walnut tabletop to style the desk within a warm, Japandi work space. 

Flexispots direction with their furniture range allowed Nicola to really get behind the brand because Flexispots aim is to “improve people's lives” and "help the planet"

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