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The founders of the wonderful and pioneering cleaning company are Purdy and Figg. The duo have a background in the NHS, specifically nursing and horticulture.


In 2018, the pair had the vision to create cleaning products that people would feel good using, both for themselves and for the environment.


Purdy and Figg were acutely aware that the chemicals that surround people, and that they use regularly can build up and cause problems. The duo wanted to offer a solution to this by finding an alternative that they themselves felt good about using and that smelled great too.


The pair experimented with natural ingredients, with sustainability and simplicity at the heart of everything that they do.


Purdy and Figg knew what they wanted from their cleaning products. They wanted to create “something that really works, smells great, is natural, and, equally important, contains no nasty, toxic chemicals". Purdy and Figg want their products to be a pleasure to use.


They draw attention to the power of essential oils, which smell great. have mood-boosting properties, and the fact that they have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties too.


The brand offers a variety of products, including 'Counter Clean’, which launched at the beginning of 2022. This game-changing cleaner has been designed to clean all surfaces in the home while leaving behind the most incredible spa-like scent. They also offer the Spring and Summer Collection, Bathroom Collection, Hand Sanitiser and Accessories.

“Thank you so much for representing our brand.”  J: Influencer Marketing Coordinator


Purdy and Figg’s brand first introduced themselves to Nicola to share their new eco-friendly surface cleaner. The surface cleaner that transforms cleaning into a pleasure through scent and, looks after the environment.


The brand told Nicola that they “love what you create on Instagram, and we thought you’d be a perfect fit for our product."


They kindly gifted Nicola their 'Variety Starter Kit', with a mix of all three scents, but ‘with no strings attached'. It was simply a gift, and it was Nicola’s choice whether to showcase it on her social media platform.

Nicola loved the brand story; she even shares their brand values, so she of course wanted to promote not only a beautiful product but one that intends “to help people use a product that’s better for them, better for their family, and better for the environment."


The brand invited Nicola to become a member of their creator community as part of the Purdy and Figgs Ambassador Programme. This enables Nicola to keep up to date with the brand's new product range and access discount codes that she can share with her social media following as a way to promote the company.


As part of the Ambassador Programme, Purdy and Figg sent Nicola further gifts, their 'Spring Variety Kit' and 'Summer Variety Kit'. The Limited Edition kit contained both limited edition spring scents (Lemon & Marjoram and Cedarwood & Patchouli, which also has anti-moth properties), three Signature Counter Clean Scents, a Bottle for Life, and a Spring Cleaning Guide with top tips from Purdy and Figg.


Nicola genuinely loves these products, the smell, the look, and the authenticity behind the brand.

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