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"Scandinavian design from sustainably sourced high quality materials"

Respecting nature, boosting well-being in everyday life, pure materials and good design are at the core of everything that Fitwood do.

Using natural materials and especially wood in interior décor increases well-being and decreases stress.

In addition, the wood’s durability, is one of the most important reasons why
Fitwood chose wood as a core material for all of their products. Fitwood want to enable an active lifestyle regardless of how busy life is, to boost well-being without sacrificing design.

Fitwood offer specifically designed products for:

Keeping Active
- Children

The wonderful aspect about Fitwood is they product multi-use products. 


Fitwood contacted Nicola via her Instagram account. Fitwood told Nicola from briefly getting to know her on her page, they noticed Nicola's passion for interior and saw some multi-use products that she has styled in the past! That is why Fitwood wanted to offer Nicola a gifted collaboration with their newest addition, LAAKSO rocking lounger.

It is an outstanding piece of furniture. It looks stylish and the comfort is 100%. It is ideal for the moments of recovering from daily activities and having a place dedicated for relaxation. 

The gentle rocking motion has been shown to have numerous calming and relaxing benefits, such as reducing stress and anxiety, improving the quality of sleep, and enhancing concentration. Whether you like to unwind by delving into a good book, playing video games, binge-watching your favorite series, the LAAKSO is the perfect cozy spot for doing those things. For the utmost comfort, pair it with the plush OHRA cushion, and uninterrupted relaxation will be guaranteed.


There is even the opportunity to add wedges that lock it into the lounge chair position, to make the most comfortable chair.

A wonderful brand to work with with highly recommended products.

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