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The Crafty Couple are a husband and wife duo with a passion for ‘furniture with a rustic feel’. The brand was established in 2018 after the couple bought their first home together. They had the vision of the furniture that they wanted within their own home but realised this style was scarce in the market. This drove the couple to combine their skills - joinery and design passion, to create their own furniture - it all began with their own dining table. 


Now, The Crafty Couple support full-time experienced crafters and multiple local businesses - all of which are family owned and run. So, when you buy from them, you get “true quality from real people who take an immense amount of pride in their work”.


Each piece is handcrafted from the very beginning, using sustainability sourced materials. The Crafty Couple take pride in their work, always keeping the end product in mind, and would never send out a product which they would not love to have in their own home!

The Crafty Couple have a wide variety of products available, including; armchairs and sofas, coffee tables, TV stands, dining tables, homeware accessories, lighting shelving and much more. 

"Homeware accessories works for us: this would allow us to gather some gorgeous imagery (because your photos are incredible)".  S.H - Co-owner


One of the Co-Founders of The Crafty Couple contacted Nicola via her social media platform to offer a gifted product in exchange for product photography and to promote brand awareness. The brand explained that they started their company from their garage and have grown it from the ground up. 

Nicola was instantly drawn to their beautiful Foundry Console Table because it is truly unique and beautiful but wanted to give the brand as much as exposure as possible. Nicola therefore made the decision to select a range of home accessories. She knew that way, she could collect a wider variety of styled photography, in different areas of the home, which would hopefully propel even more exposure for The Crafty Couple. 


Nicola received:

The Perfect Match - Bottled Matches

Bergamot & Patchouli Natural Soy Candle

The Wild Botanist, "PERUVIAN GOLD" Luxury Candle 

Concrete Shell Tray

White Textured Vase

Ribbed Trinket Dish

Black Terracotta Planter - Large

Black Terracotta Planter - Medium

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